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We help you optimize your business with our growing Iot devices platform.

IoT Kick off

We work with you to better understand your data collection needs and will propose a solution to match your needs. You´ll get a complete proposal to take you from your idea to a large scale commercial implementation.

Starter PAckage

After a short development period we provide you with a custom made proof of concept of your commercial solution.

You get to validate your IoT business with true and actionable data. We´ll package our devices or custom prototypes together with needed extra services to be able get your pilot operational.


Once your IoT proof of concept works we can start to prepare it for volumes. You can start large scale pilots or move directly to commercial operations with Thingsee. The best thing is that your data layer solution is managed for life.

Compatible with most IoT backends

Thingsee provides you with optimized devices, device management and needed data services to complete your application. We configure your devices to provide the right data to your cloud service through our API.

Wireless IoT sensors and IoT gateway devices

Thingsee designs and manufactures IoT devices for various business verticals. Our extensive customization services can optimize your data layer to reach it´s full potential. Get customized data or even a tailor made Thingsee IoT device.

Field engineering toolkit

Save time and money on scaling up your solution. Our plug & play IoT devices are very easy to link to your application using our field engineering toolkit.

Designed for massive scale

Thingsee IoT Devices platform is designed for large scale IoT installations. Thingsee IoT sensors and gateway devices are cost optimized and the platform is very efficient in managing your data points.

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Get started faster with Thingsee Starter Packages

The first step to a functional IoT solution is the proof of concept. Save time and money with our pre-configured Starter Packages that allow you to test your ideas in real context using our latest IoT technology. You reach a solid milestone towards the commercial installation.

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