Smart IoT sensors for Smarter Edge solutions

Building secure IoT solutions doesn’t get more simple. Thingsee IoT devices are customized to support your application out-of-box. We take care of your IoT data collection so that you can focus on maximizing the business value.

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Wireless distance sensor

Thingsee DISTANCE is a wireless IoT sensor for measuring container fill rates, asset presence on location and more.

Thingsee DISTANCE measures the sensor´s distance to a surface in real time. You can use the sensor for various facility management applications, asset tracking, parking facility solutions and more.

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Wireless miniature infrared IoT sensor

Thingsee PRESENCE is a wireless IoT sensor for measuring people presence through your facility.  Thingsee PRESENCE gives you information on people movement in your spaces.

Thingsee PRESENCE IoT sensor measures the presence of people in real time. You can use the sensor for facility management and security applications, for example.

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Multipurpose wireless sensor for environment monitoring

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT is a wireless IoT sensor for building new IoT solutions for a variety of business verticals. Select which sensors you need and we configure your devices accordingly.

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level, movement and impacts. You can also detect magnets and even get a device location using a network RSSI location.

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Thingsee Gateway

IoT gateway device for Wirepas Mesh based solutions

Thingsee GATEWAY is a plug & play IoT Gateway device for large scale IoT solutions. Save money and Time building your IoT infrastructure.

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  • Preconfigured: Thingsee GATEWAY is linked to your Thingsee Account
  • Always on: USB powered
  • Palm sized
  • Wirepas Mesh
  • Global inbuilt 2G data to cloud (3G and NB-IoT Gateways will be available 2018)
  • 2G 900/1800

Thingsee ONE – The Worlds first developer device for Internet of Things

We launched Thingsee One in 2015. More than 500 projects have been powered by Thingsee ONE to date. Development is now continued with select customer projects. Contact sales if you are interested in Thingsee One.

Thingsee One

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