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SMART WASHROOM – When you never run out of hand towel again

Lindström FlowAbility is a future innovation that is already here to conquer smart washroom market. FlowAbility enables the smooth flow of things and people, helping you run your day-to-day business smoothly. 

Facility management is a vital component and service to any business and its buildings, with personnel routinely ensuring areas, including washrooms, are maintained at a high standard in hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. Cleaning staff frequently check whether there are enough cotton towels in hand towel dispensers, for example, resulting in staff walking up to 10 kilometers per day. In some facilities, dispensers become empty frequently, such as in restaurants located within major airports serving thousands of customers per day.

As part of its FlowAbility service, the Lindström Group, a leading Finnish multinational B2B textile services provider, decided to implement an IoT solution to improve customer experience and improve personnel workflow. Thingsee IoT Devices platform powers Lindström FlowAbility Washroom and helps to figure out what´s next. Every installed Thingsee sensor helps work flow better and save money, time and resources.

Lindström FlowAbility

It’s a challenge for businesses to keep up with the pace of today’s ever changing digital world. However, companies that make digitalization a priority and harness the latest technological advancements to operate, engage with customers and grow their businesses have a distinct advantage. As almost everything can be connected, the value that IoT solutions brings is the key consideration. These solutions become increasingly feasible as cost-efficient sensors become more available and examples of profitable IoT cases continue to emerge.

A small Thingsee DISTANCE sensor inside each towel dispenser sends data to a Thingsee GATEWAY  device using Wirepas Mesh on a local mesh network.

The data is then forwarded to Lindström IoT service via Thingsee IoT Platform.

Lindström Smart IoT Washroom

Lindström Flowability Washroom is the second attempt for Lindström to digitalize the washroom and optimize workflows around washroom maintenance. The first concept, although succesfully launched did not quite provide the economical means for creating a large scale solution. Lindström wanted to create a highly scalable solution to cover all their operations, thus cost per data point became a critical factor on choosing the right technology and supplier.

A retrofitted IoT solution

Lindström contacted various IoT devices and services providers with an RFQ to fullfill Lindström needs on building a solution that allows for a low cost per data point, provides means for efficient solution rollout and is available in mass volumes. They needed a reliable services provider that can fulfill Lindström´s special data needs, supply Lindström with devices as they rollout their service, as well as provide further opportunities for services expansion.

All devices needed to be designed to be retrofitted to existing Lindström Towel dispensers to offer immediate scale advantages.

A fast-to-scale IoT service

Thingsee by Haltian was chosen as the sole devices and device services provider due to extent of available services and technologies, cost efficient customization service and the ability provide a cost efficient total solution.

Haltian will now provide Lindström more than 100 000 devices to rollout the service in Finland. Thingsee provides a complete IoT data layer with life cycle services, including device management and add-ons, such as installation applications for maintenance personnel. Thingsee IoT devices are fast to install – a large shopping mall can be up and running in less than a workday.

Towards the future Haltian will work with Lindström to create a complete IoT services portfolio to add on to the FlowAbility Washroom offering.

Haltian has been a close partner in developing our service. Whenever there has been a new challenge Haltian has quickly and promptly acted on it and proactively helped the service move forward. Thingsee is an easy platform to integrate and Haltian has proven to be a flexible and professional companion on our journey towards launch.

I have to highlight a key remark about our collaboration: Haltian  works proactively and they at all times put our needs and aspirations to front when developing the solution. A small improvement in the beginning can became a great saving when installing sensors in high volumes.

Satu Haikarainen, Director, Service concept at Lindström


Thingsee Wirepas White Paper


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 “The FlowAbility Washroom solution will enable the Lindström Group to achieve its strategic goal of improving customer experience, by implementing a low-cost custom sensor design with a complementary mesh networking solution to provide scalability.

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