Get the data you need from wherever you want

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The world's first smart developer device for the internet of things








Get the data you need from a variety of sensors

Transmit data & events to your app, server or device

Thingsee Creator

A Unique Way To Program IoT Devices

Cut development time and costs significantly by building new products and services with Thingsee IoT platform. The Thingsee Creator visual tool gives your IoT device a designated purpose in just a few clicks.

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IoT Device Platform

Get to your product faster

Create your own firmware with Thingsee OS SDK. It's possible to augment or even rewrite the whole system to adapt Thingsee One to any use case. Contact us to build your IoT product based on the Thingsee platform.

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Snowfox Trackerphone was built using Thingsee One as the basis for electronics and app development.


Weatherproof mechanics

The device mechanics are designed to withstand very harsh conditions

Battle tested construction

Thingsee One has passed a wide range of impact and pressure tests. It really can take a beating.

Easy mounting anywhere

Thingsee One features multiple mounting options. You can use screws, zip ties, or a method of your choice.

Extreme efficiency

In many use cases, Thingsee One can keep going for more than a year with a single charge

Smart events & actions

Thingsee's Purpose Engine turns sensor data into smart events & actions based on configuration

Dynamic control

The Purpose API allows for dynamic state machines to be created & updated from the server side

SMS Messaging

Thingsee One can send you messages directly to your phone, either via SMS or push notifications

Open source

Customize the device with your own applications and custom firmware. Get SDK on Github

Any servers & clouds

Send the collected data anywhere. Use your own servers or ours, or use one of the IoT cloud providers built in.

Open ecosystem

The source code of our backend services and mobile apps is a great starting point for your own applications

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