The World´s first smart developer device for the Internet of Things


Interested in IoT but not familiar with programming?

You can experience the power of the Internet of Things with Thingsee’s Creator application. Just give Thingsee One a purpose of your own by choosing from a variety of tasks ranging from simply following the temperature and humidity, to keeping up with your kid’s driving habits or setting it up to monitor your boat’s movements.

Configure it remotely to change its purpose on the go, and play with Thingsee One to explore new ways to use it to its full potential. You can control multiple devices with just one application.



Thingsee Creator visual device programming

Use a simple tool to create new IoT applications With Thingsee One


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Thingsee ONE


  • Open source developer device designed for Internet of Things innovations
  • Ready to be used out of the box, comes with a mobile application and connection to a Thingsee server for demonstration and development purposes
  • Thingsee OS has a Smart purpose engine that makes it possible to create events of the sensor data on the device
  • Ultra low power hardware design with adaptive power consumption
  • Designed for mobility with cellular connectivity and long battery life
  • Usable outdoors with shock and water resistant design
  • A-GPS/GNSS location
  • Wide variety of power optimized MEMS sensors: 3D accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light

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